Junchao Zhang

Welcome! My name is Junchao and I am an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics in Tokyo, Japan. I graduated with a PhD in Economics from Yokohama National University in March 2017. My research interests include but not limited to labor economics and applied microeconometrics.

Junchao Zhang

Assistant Professor, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Education: Ph.D. in Economics, Yokohama National University, March 2017

Research Fields: Labor Economics, Applied Microeconometrics

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Email: ztempest0218[at]gmail.com
Email: zhang[at]ism.ac.jp

Working Papers

•Under Review

1. “The Effect of Transportation Benefits on Health and Consumption Among the Elderly: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Urban China”, with T. Yin and Z. Yin, RIETI Discussion Paper 18-E-037.

2. “Estimating Average Treatment Benefits of Delayed Primary School Enrollment: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Japan”, available upon request.

3. “Revisiting the Delimma of Fertility and Female Labor Supply: New Evidence and Explanations from Japan”, available upon request
(This work is supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 19K13710.)

•Selected Work in Progress

1. “Immigration and Technology Progress: Evidence from the 1949 Retreat of Kuomintang”, available upon request.

2. “Does Education Matter for Fertility and Abortion? Evidence from a Compulsory Schooling Law”, available upon request.

3. “Education and Wage Inequality in Taiwan, 1979-2015”, available upon request.








Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments and questions regarding my research papers.